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1. Hire A Bot Developer
Invest N50,000+ into a Trusted Developer To Create Your Bot For You – Even Though They Have No Idea About Copywriting or Marketing They Don’t Really Do What You Need or Want Them to Do Which are getting LEADS & SALES
2. Start Coding Your Bot
You Can Learn a Complicated Tool or Even MORE Complicated Coding But Unless You Know What You’re Doing This Can Be a DISASTER In Addition to The Skills You Need, Those Apps Can Be EXTREMELY Complicated to Learn.

The Real Reason Why Many Fail With Chatbot Marketing Is Because They Don’t Use A Proven Formula, You’ll Probably Break At Least 1 of the 3 SECRETS RULES of CHATBOT:


Don’t Sell Without Permission From The User
Don’t Message Users Too Often or Not Often
Misuse Of The Bot Because You Didn’t Know
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Apply Our BOT Accelerated Results Formula
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